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Dr. Olayiwola Onasanya


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Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture.

Dr. Onasanya received his Doctoraté degree in Agronomy with specialization in Farming Systems, Soil Survey, Land Use Planning and Pedology from the University of Ibadan in 1993.

He has consulted for a number of organizations in Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development major of which is the World Bank.

He has received trainings in the area of Environment and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica, Thailand and Zimbabwe, which culminated into being a Fellow of Leadership for Environment and Development [LEAD] International based at Imperial College in London.

He is a member of the strategic core group of LEAD International on Food Security. He also attended the conference of the World’s Scientific Academic Transition to Sustainability in Tokyo, Japan in May, 2000. He was at the meeting of the LEAD core group on food security in Kent, England October 2003 where he designed projects on food security for LEAD International.

Dr. Onasanya has been in leadership positions for the past 15 years where right from an Assistant Director/Head of Agricultural Extension Services Component at the Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority, he has been able to mentor some staff of Government. He supervised over 115 extension officers, and in 2005, he was given a special assignment as the State Project Coordinator of the successful World Bank Assisted Project, the FADAMA II.

He was promoted to a Deputy Director in 2008 and as the State Project Coordinator of the Lagos State FADAMA Project he supervised 9 key staff, 40 desk officers and 65 facilitators. Due to the success of the FADAMA II project, which won the regional Excellence Award for Africa, in which Lagos State contributed 80% o of the entries, he was also nominated to anchor the FADAMA III project. By the time he left the FADAMA III project to resume as the Head of the Agricultural Services Department in the Ministry, a total of 120 FADAMA Community Associations and 1200 Fadama Users Groups have benefited from the project in Lagos State in 2011.

In 2012, Dr. Onasanya became a full Director. As the Director of Agricultural Services, he contributed to the success of the following: The sustenance of the Agric-Youth Empowerment Scheme in Araga, Poka, Epe; Rice for Job Project that has empowered over 300 youths and the construction of a 2.5 metric tons per hour rice mill; Development of the Cassava Value Chain with the construction of a 32-metric tons per day High Quality Cassava Flour Mill, development of the Poultry Value Chain with production and processing facilities at Erikorodo, Ikorodu, the development of a Pig Breeding Facility at Gberigbe Piggery Estate, Ikorodu, and the development of State Farms in Osogbo, Osun State and Eggua in Ogun State among others.

In February 2016, Dr. Olayiwole Onasanya was appointed a Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Civil Service and was deployed to the Ministry of Agriculture. This is a capacity in which he has been instrumental to the emergence of the successful Lake Rice, a 100% rice produced in Nigeria. He was also part of the team that designed and implemented the 32-tons per hour rice mill, which is presently under construction.

He was also involved in the design of the World Bank Project, the Agricultural Processing Productivity and Livelihood Support Project called APPEALS.

Dr. Onasanya is also a registered Soil Scientist, being the first to be conferred in Lagos State; anda team player. His experience has been multisectoral and includes the area of Agriculture, Socio-Economics and Environment especially in Agronomy, Soils, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impacts, Social Impact, Environmental Policy and Tourism Development.

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